Terms & Conditions

Class Registration
Financial Policy

All monthly tuition is to be paid by, at the latest, the 1st of every month. We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards. A .80 fee will be charged for credit cards. Accounts that reach 30 days past due will receive a $10.00 late fee. Checks can be made out to Grace Dance Academy. If you have any questions, please contact Nikki.

Cancellation Policy

All students are required to pay monthly class fees regardless of attendance. If student is unable to attend class they are asked to contact dance teacher at phone number or e-mail. If student wishes to terminate involvement in dance program, that resignation must be submitted in writing. Monthly student dance fees will continue until the end of the month in which written resignation is received; tuition policy applies and no refunds will be issued.

Everyone is encouraged to perform in recitals. We have a Winter recital and a Spring recital. We ask that you please inform your teacher as soon as you know you will not be able to perform.
NSF Checks

If your check is returned as having non-sufficient funds, you will need to pay cash plus the NSF check fee of $30 before the next dance class; otherwise, student will not be allowed to participate in class. If we receive two NSF checks from a party over the course of the dance season, we will no longer accept personal checks from that party.

Costume Policy

Each student will be billed a costume fee per class. Costumes will not be ordered for students until they are paid in full. Once costumes have been ordered, no refunds will be issued.

Class Dress

Please wear appropriate attire to class. If you come to class without your proper attire and shoes, you may not participate in class that day.

Ballet Classes:

Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun. All other classes: clothes that are easy to move in (no jeans) ex: leggings, sweats, tees or tanks.

Medical Release

All students must have a medical release form signed by a parent/guardian prior to participation in class. Students 18 and older may sign for themselves.


Parents are not allowed in the dance room during class. Once a month we will have an open class where parents can watch. We reserve the right to ask observers to step out of the room during class. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Cell Phones

Parents/students are asked to be courteous to the teachers and turn off cell phones during class. Cell phones are extremely disruptive. No electronic devises in class!

Snow Days & Cancelled Classes

We will not hold classes if the Twin Falls School District or surrounding districts declares a snow day. In rare instances, cancelled classes may occur due to illness, unforeseen opportunities to perform, etc. We will reschedule any missed classes when time allows. Check Facebook for information.

Student Expectations

Dancers are expected to attend all classes and to arrive in a timely manner ready to dance. Each student should have proper dance attire and correct dance shoes. Hair needs to be pulled up and out of dancer’s face. No food will be allowed during dance class, please eat snacks in waiting area between dance rooms before or after class. Water is provided but students are encouraged to bring their own. Students should check to make sure they have all of their belongings and messes picked up before leaving the studio. All students are to uphold Grace Dance Academy’s high morals and values while in and out of dance class. Please remember you are part of a group and choices you make reflect on your fellow dancers and your studio. In order for students to get the most out of their dance lessons, they should come to class prepared to engage and respect their instructor and fellow dancers, while putting their listening skills to good use. Most importantly, all students are expected to have fun and learn!

Parent Expectations

Parents are asked to drop off and pick up student in a timely manner. If questions arise, please contact Nikki. Parents are expected to uphold the financial policy outlined above. Please support your children in expanding their dance talents. If you have questions or concerns about your billing account, please contact Nikki.

Instructor & Director Expectations

Instructor is expected to be at class on time and prepared to teach students. Director will fulfill tasks needed to ensure students and parents are aware of Grace Dance Academy’s events and dancer’s financial responsibilities in a timely manner. Instructors & director will fulfill all responsibilities to uphold a high standard and successful dance studio.

Waiver of Liability/Medical/Publicity Release

I hereby waive and absolve Grace Dance Academy and Amazing Grace Fellowship and all division thereof of any and all liability and responsibility for injuries, sickness, accidents, and/or acts of God incurred during participation in and/or instruction of classes, camps, clinics, private coaching, choreography, and/or other dance related activity by myself/my child. %nbsp In consideration of my signed release allowing my child/myself to participate in a Grace Dance Academy activity, I, intending to be legally bound, do hereby, my heirs, executor and administration, waive, release, and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damage which I may have or which may hereafter accrue to me against Grace Dance Academy, Amazing Grace Fellowship, office agents, representative, successors, and/or assignee, for any and all damages which may be sustained or suffered by me or my child in connection with my association with or participation in, or riding out of travel to and/or return from Grace Dance Academy site. In the event of injury/accident/sickness, Grace Dance Academy officials and/or instructors are to contact the designated adult listed below. In addition, I hereby give my permission for myself/my child to be photographed, videotaped, and/or audio-taped during any Grace Dance Academy activity. I further give permission for such photographs, videotapes, and audiotapes to be used in print or broadcast media as deemed appropriate for promotion of the Grace Dance Academy activities, and for publicity surrounding participation in Grace Dance Academy events.

In the event of injury or accident or sickness requiring immediate treatment, I request that every effort be made to contact me directly. If I cannot be reached, I authorize Grace Dance Academy personnel to make appropriate arrangements for treatment.